Update by user Feb 23, 2016

I resolved this issue by dumping the 9 yr old coupe and buying a 2016 Honda. Ahhhh, now I can breathe and know I am safe in this car....The infiniti became more of a pain than I would've liked. Glad to be rid of it...

Update by user Jul 11, 2014

My 2006 Infiniti G35 quit on me on I 75 South. The dealer said it was the cooling fans which were on recall (unoffically) as the warranty was extended thru October.

They were replaced by infiniti but then I was told the thermostat was blown. So why do I have to pay for a thermostat when the cooling fans blew it??????? And why wasn't I notified of a recall? As a Senior Citizen I don't appreciate my vehicle failing in the passing lane on a busy highway & I am rethinking being a repeat customer because of this.

I lost 4 days that week dealing with a broken car that is well taken care of.

Anyone else out there having an issue with cooling fans??

P.S. my issues with AAA waiting so long to come rescue me are a whole other story...This should never have occurrred.

Update by user Aug 11, 2012

I contacted Corporate on this matter, since its an independent dealer they have no control over them even though they sell their product. I contacted Hillsborough consumer Action group, the service manager just lied thru this teeth about the history of my vehicle, I called him on it, no action.

No one seems to be able to help me. There is something wrong when they say it was hail damaged but absolutely no other dents anywhere else on the car except exactly just the hood, its all rippled and no longer smooth.

I still say his 3rd party painter switched my hood with another vehicle, only explanation for this... TV stations are next..

Original review posted by user Jul 06, 2012

infiniti Dealer in Tampa damaged my hood while painting but dealer is claiming no responsibility saying it was hail damaged. problem is the hail was specific to my hood ONLY, the rest of the vehicle has no damage by hail and I was not and have not been near any hail.

Contacted consumer protection and also Infiniti of No. America, no help because dealership is individually owned and apparently can do what it wants to do with your vehicle including using unauthorized 3rd party painters.

Vehicle hood was painted 3x before they got it right. Need assistance with this problem.

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